A long time ago in an arcade not so far away...

I was fortunate to have grown up during the bronze and golden era of video games.  I spent countless hours (and quarters) on games like Space Invaders , Galaga and Donkey Kong. Years later, I decided to track down and buy a classic arcade game to put in my house.  

My love affair with all things coin-op was rekindled. I started collecting classic arcade games and learned how to repair and restore them.  One thing led to another, and now I am a full time amusement operator and repair technician. 

As a kid, I knew what it was like to be frustrated to lose money in a machine, or  put money in a machine that didn't work properly.  Now the game has changed and it's up to me to make sure no kid (or adult) suffers through the same arcade-related frustrations I went through.  

So please keep this in mind when choosing an operator for your business or technician to service your game, I am a life long enthusiast of coin-op amusements. I want to make sure you and your customers will be too.